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A Musical Exploration: My Latest Experimental Electronic Music Piece

The process of creating an experimental electronic music piece

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“Endless Mirage” is my latest experimental electronic music composition that reflects my personal process of exploration as a composer. It is a constant search for new sounds and textures that has always been a part of my creative process. While composing this piece, I aimed to capture the feeling of wonder and curiosity, of always striving to push boundaries and find new ways of expressing myself through music.

As a composer who is consistently seeking new methods of conveying emotions, I have long been intrigued by electronic music. For a number of years, I have been engaged in exploring various sounds and textures, and have had a keen interest in extending the limits of what can be achieved with experimental electronic music sounds. The development of “Endless Mirage” was a logical continuation of my artistic journey.

The Structure of the Piece

“Endless Mirage” begins with granulated synth textures that rapidly escalate in tension and transition abruptly to a peculiar percussion pattern, establishing the tone for the remainder of the composition. Subsequently, my friend Kamil Osmanov, a pianist and composer collaborated with me to co-write some piano parts. The intention was to generate a very cold and experimental sound by blending classical music elements  (such as the I-V progression that you will hear at the end of the piece) with electronic ones.

We accomplished this by heavily manipulating the piano recordings, such as reversing and side-chaining them, and experimenting with different sound manipulation techniques. The objective was to explore the potential of these sounds and create a unique and atmospheric piece in a short amount of time. The experience was enjoyable and truly fulfilling.

Personal Reflection and Conclusion

“Endless Mirage” is a musical composition that reflects my personal journey as a composer. It symbolizes the idea that the search for new and unique sounds and textures is an ongoing process that requires a constant exploration of new possibilities. The composition serves as a reminder that there is always more to learn and discover, and that the creative process is often unpredictable and full of surprises.

The name “Endless Mirage” reflects the idea that the pursuit of new and exciting sounds is an endless pursuit, and the idea of achieving it is an illusion that one should always strive to reach. The message of “Endless Mirage” is to inspire others to never stop seeking out new sounds and to always strive for something greater, while keeping a humble perspective towards their own and others’ contributions to music. I invite you to listen to the piece and to share your thoughts and interpretations with me. Thank you for joining me on this musical journey.